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    We Are Professional Grade Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fans Provider

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    ACM FAN New York was founded in 2001 by John Li and Jeremy . After more than a decade of hard work and perseverance, we have now grown to become one of the nation’s most professional wind turbine assembly and sales company.

    Distribution of Exhaust Systems: Captive Aire, Dayton, Delhi, Penn Barry, Twin City and other mainstream brands.
    Main applications: hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, office buildings , high-rise buildings, schools and hospitals .
    Technical expertise: Our experienced technical personnel will aid our customers to select the appropriate exhaust fan system with design specifications optimally matching actual requirements. Our unparalleled technical skills coupled with vast industry experience enable us to quickly assist our customers to troubleshoot and resolve hard-to find noises, vibrations and other difficult issues associated with the use of wind turbines. Our many years of experience serving the food and beverage industry made us a commercial kitchens expert. As you know, a commercial kitchen can produce large amounts of polluted air and waste cooking oil on a daily basis. We know exactly where to look to quickly help you isolate the problem spot, saving you you time and money in the process.
    Technology: At ACM Fan, we utilize high-tech inverter technology , which greatly reduces the fan noise and vibration, thus extending the lifespan of the fan assembly . Practice has proven that the use of inverter fan can reduce wear and tear on a fan from 30% to 50%, therefor greatly increase the fan’s lifespan. Currently our inverter technology is the only one in the country thta is widely used in the industry.
    Service quality: the use of modern communication tools (Wechat, Skype, Facebook, Messenager, Line), means our professional technicians will be able to assist our customers to select the appropriate fan design for the application. We will patiently answer all your questions and inform you with the latest product updates to make your service and maintenance task a breeze.
    Order Fulfillment: We ship to all parts of the United States on the same day you place your order. In addition, we have an affiliates network of suppliers whom you may be able to pick up your equipment and supplies locally. In the greater New York area, we also provide on-site installation and guidance to our professional clients.
    Company Vision: At ACM Fan Inc., our goal is to create a free and loyal membership community here in the U.S. All our members will enjoy a lifetime of friendly expert product advice, knowledgeable technical support, and accurate failure analysis service. You will also receive a lifetime supply of free replacement fan belts. This is the way we do business and we thank you for being a valued member of this community.

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